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* Do you frequently have to communicate with other attorneys using Legal English?

* Have you ever had difficulty identifying all the steps and proper procedures for a particular project?

* Have you ever been at a loss of words when sitting down to write a letter?

* Have you ever lost a big contract or made costly mistakes because of miscommunication?

* Do you spend a considerable amount of time writing contracts from scratch, knowing that the same contract or something similar is already out there?

* Legal-Ease International Forms provides you with the solution to these problems with close to 2000 letters and forms essential to conduct business in the international community.

* Communicate with confidence the next time you need to use Legal English.

* Our documents have been written and verified by U.S. attorneys. These valuable documents will improve your productivity and save you and your company time and money.

* By using documents that have been proven to be effective and correct you can avoid embarrassing situations.

Automatic Form Completion

Fill out the forms by answering a series of simple questions.

Document Formats

Documents are PC compatible and are available in a format that is readable by WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Write, and many other popular word processors (the format is rich text format).

Quickly Find Forms

Find the correct form for each job. Legal-Ease International Forms 3.2 allows you to search for a form by description, category, subcategory, client name or company name. This will allow you to find the form you are looking for in seconds.


$ 195.00 U.S.D. including shipping and handling. Add local tax where applicable.

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