International LLM Program Information

What to consider in your selection

Many American lawyers have the opportunity to pursue a joint degree in international and comparative law in three years.

Each school offers different programs.
Some lawyers chose to study overseas after getting their JD degree to meet new contacts and enhance their professional career.

LLM programs outside of the United States, offers a comprehensive education which incorporates a rich array of international law courses and seminars, experiential learning opportunities, and special events which promote interaction with international attorneys, diplomats, business leaders, and policy makers.

Once you have earned an LLM Degree you may feel that you want to fully engage in the American legal system/market. If that is the case, you may want to think about transferring into the JD Program in order to get the chance of adding two more years of law school as to earn a JD Degree. Then, you will have both the LLM and the JD Degree. Keep in mind that not all law schools allow this to happen. However, earning a JD Degree will really put you at the same level than American law graduates (note: some argue that passing the Bar Exam has almost the same effect).

You may also want to consider a JD Joint Degree where you will earn a JD Degree together with another degree such as an MBA or similar, depending on the program you choose to pursue.

J.D. stands for Juris Doctorate. It is the the law degree earned by students who have satisfactorily completed a course of education from an institution, usually accredited by the American Bar Association. The general curriculum of the J.D. is designed to give students the basic skills and knowledge to become lawyers. In the United States, lawyers are rarely addressed by the term “Doctor”. Rather, practicing attorneys indicate their status by placing the abbreviation “Esq.” after their name.

Graduation requirements for an LL.M. program vary depending on the respective university guidelines. Some programs are research-oriented and require students to write a thesis, while others only offer a number of classes that students must take to complete the course of study. Many LL.M. programs combine both coursework and research. Part-time programs are also available for professionals wishing to complete their LL.M. while working full-time.

International experience is more valuable for lawyers than ever, particularly those working in international firms or organizations. With an LL.M., you can choose Washington DC to get a taste of the policymaking action. You can go for New York, London, or Singapore to be in an international business hub. Or you can pick Leiden or Amsterdam for their proximity to The Hague.