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In Mexico City, Dena Falken stands in front of the Monumento a la Revolucion, one of the most famous landmarks in the city. She is in the middle of a lecture to Training international lawyers about Legal Language and the difference in Spanisih  “I think you’ll love it,” she says, glaring into the distance. Her speech is designed to inspire the audience and teach them about the importance of a contract language. In 1992, Dena
Legal-Ease International Dena Falken, Founder and CEO of Legal-Ease International Inc Dena Falken is the Founder and CEO of Legal-Ease International Inc., the World Leader in Legal English. Founded in 1992, the company trains the legal community in more than 50 countries in the use of English. This is not the first time that Dena Falken has been involved in an entrepreneurial endeavor. In fact, she continues to be hands-on with the business, teaching
Aprende Inglés Legal de la mano de profesionales Legal-Ease International Curso en Ciudad de Panama con Dena Falken Aprender Inglés Legal es vital para los abogados o estudiantes de Derecho de habla hispana, ya que esto les permitirá ejercer su profesión con mayor eficacia, así como diversificar su campo de acción significativamente. Si tu eres uno de ellos lo ideal es que contactes a especialistas en el área, ya que solo así te asegurarás
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Proficiency in legal terms and terminologies is very important for legal professionals irrespective of their state or country, native English speakers or non-native speakers, the increase in Legal English is due to globalization and international business. It is one of the many forms of English that is used in law. In other words, it’s a technical language specially originated as a language for legal professions such as judges, lawyers, legal assistants, and attorneys. Legal English
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A 25-year company veteran and legal English trainer, Dena Falken will teach 30 international lawyers to use English as their first language during a course in Mexico City. Her courses are offered online and at her own training center in the Mexican capital. They will learn the ins and outs of contracts, the language used in international business transactions, and how to write a business contract. If you’d like to learn more about her work,
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Legal-Ease International, a world leader in Legal English training and education, has announced the launch of its exclusive directory for Legal English professionals worldwide. The directory, which you can find on its website, focuses on the continuity of its core Legal English seminars, giving students and legal professionals direct access to an exclusive and targeted list of legal professionals worldwide that specialize in Legal English. Whether you are an attorney, business consultant, notary, or any other
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Legal-Ease International is a leading training provider company has announced the launch of its new website that offers a range of solutions for the Foreign business, law students, lawyers, translators to study and master Legal English. Legal-Ease International is leading provider of Legal English tools, live seminars, online, books and software. The new website designed to provide information on a complete range Seminars, Live and Online training courses. The Online training courses in Legal English