Instructor Bio: Dena Falken Esq.

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On Nov.16 2009, Dena Falken Esq.of the Columbus School of Law raised her hand and repeated the oath for the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

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Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. administered the Oath.
Ms Falken pledged..." I Dena Jean Falken, do solemnly swear that as an Attorney ans as a counselor of this Court, I will conduct myself uprightly and according to law, and that I will support the Constitution of the United States.

Ms. Falken has been a licensed attorney for 16 years. Ms. Falken is the president, CEO and top instructor of Legal-Ease International, a company specializing in international legal training seminars, interpreting services, and international affairs. Legal-Ease International has trained thousands of attorneys worldwide.

Being licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States is an honor bestowed to only 50 attorneys every three years. During the ceremony all 9 Justices presided and the Hon. Justice John Roberts inducted Ms. Falken as an official member of the Supreme Court Bar.

The Supreme Court is the highest court one can appear before in the United States.

The Supreme Court only hears 100 cases of Oral arguments by attorneys each term.

For all of the changes in its history, the Supreme Court has retained so many traditions that it is in many respects the same institution that first met in 1790, prompting one legal historian to call it, "the first Court still sitting."

As is customary in American courts, the nine Justices are seated by seniority on the Bench. The Chief Justice occupies the center chair; the senior Associate Justice sits to his right, the second senior to his left, and so on, alternating right and left by seniority. Since at least 1800, it has been traditional for Justices to wear black robes while in Court.

Justices of the Supreme Court are lifetime appointees, nominated by the sitting President of the United States, and ratified by the United States Senate.

Once the Supreme Court renders a ruling, it becomes undisputable settled law in the United States. Ms.Falken is one of a select few attorneys who can argue Constitutional issues before the United States Supreme Court.

Ms. Falken is now given the title of Member of the Supreme Court Bar.

Immigration Law

Ms. Falken Esq, now does work in the immigration law area. After years of working with foreign nationals she is truly an expert in this field. As an immigration lawyer she goes above and beyond helping people become citizens. In addition to this task, she cah defend a person's case and prevent him or her from being deported to another country. She also provides legal advice about a person's ability to obtain a work visa in another country for a specified period of time. If a student is studying abroad, then he or she may want to consult with Ms. Falken Esq, for the appropriate visa. As an immigration law expert she also helps people obtain citizenship through naturalization. You will need to receive various appointment letters and pass an English and Civics test in order to obtain citizenship through naturalization.

Applying For Citizenship
One needs an immigraton lawyer when applying for citizenship from another country. The process of applying for citizenship can be very complex and time-consuming. Ms. Falken can help you gather the documentation you need to become a citizen. She can also assist in the preparation of citizenship tests.

• Obtain immediate access to citizenship in emergency situations.
• Represent you in court.
• Help you start a business in another country.

Obtaining citizenship in a country like the United States can take up to seven years for some people, it is essential to have a lawyer working on your side. A lawyer helps you submit the appropriate documentation to prove your case in court. An immigration attorney also helps ensure that you are handling the process with as much efficiency as possible. He or she will try to avoid any delays in helping you obtain your citizenship. When you have an emergency situation that requires you to go to another country, an immigration attorney helps you obtain the type of documentation that you need to legally reside within a country for a long period of time.

Contact Dena Falken today at for the assistance and guidance you need today!

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