LLM / JSD Program in Intercultural Human Rights

Awareness of the Language of the Law and the Preservation of Register in the Training of Legal Translators and Interpreters

Leaping from the Opening Gates: Success Tips for New Lawyers

Ya me gradué, y ahora ¿qué hago? (Dena Falken)

Getting a Job Overseas (Dena Falken)

Focused Client Development Efforts Produce The Results International Practice Groups Seek (Byron G. Sabol)

Ask the Headhunter ® - Tips for resume writing

Turning Clients Into Advocates Can Make You A True Winner (Byron G. Sabol)

Employment Relationship Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Obtaining Business Credit

Conflict of Laws

Public Law

Property Law



Legal Profession

What is Legal English?

Ways to travel easier

What is Power of Attorney?

Client Relations - A view from the Inside (by Stewart M. Hirsch, Esq.)

Why is English so Hard to Learn?

Good News, Bad News (Byron G. Sabol)

Interviewing a Lawyer

The Mind of a Liberal (by Ann Coulter)

The Hun is at the Gate (by Ann Coulter)

A perfect world - Hondras

The Wages of Chavismo

Dealing with Change (Steven Falken)

History of the World Wide Web

Microsoft Word's Three Autos (by Ernest Schaal)

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