Lic. Reynaldo Raynaud

"I wanted to write you about the Legal English Seminar. I thought it was a great chance to learn Legal English and enhance my English at the same time. I'd also like to tell you that the best experience was having you as a teacher, and working with such a high level professional lawyer like you, Dena. Thank you so much!"

Rosa Elena Moran

Matthew Daniels

"I am very pleased to have taken your Legal English course! You are highly professional and your teaching method is so good that I did not get the time to get bored or even to have extra time to study, because during the class we learn and study at the same time. Just great and definitively I will write it on FB. Thank you so much for all your efforts and dedication for the course to become a success!"

Leonardo Medellin

Daimler S.A.

"I really have a lot of fun in your classes, you make them so interesting and interactive that we don't get any chance to lose interest."

Marysabel Maldonado de Coindet, MBA

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Division Proyectos De Nuevos Negocios

"It was a pleasure meeting you. The class has proven to be really helpful, I have used it several times the past weeks, I am very satisfied that I was able to attend. Please let me know if you have advanced courses I can attend, I want to learn even more with you!"

Andrés Marín A.

Viña San Pedro S.A.

"I found the Legal-Ease seminar very positive. I had the chance to check my weaknesses and skills regarding legal English."

Vanessa Castillo

Mexico City

"The Legal English course is better than I thought. I knew it would be helpful, but was surprised how much I did not know. I recommend it to every lawyer here. Thanks for coming all the way to Honduras to share your knowledge with us... I enjoyed and learned a lot at the seminar."

Mario Tolosa Lahr Esq.

Santiago, Chile
"I would like to thank you again for the excellent job at the seminar. Your skills as a teacher are really awesome, you were clear, sharp, fast, and so energetic, which was very useful to stay awake and interested this week full of work that I had."

Attorney Martha Aguijo

"It was a pleasure meeting you. The class has proven to be really helpful, I have used it several times the past weeks, I am very satisfied that I was able to attend. Please let me know if you have advanced courses I can attend, I feel I can learn even more with you guys."

Abog. Marysabel Maldonado de Coindet, MBA

Division Proyectos de Nuevos Negocios
Edificio Terra Residencial La Cumbre
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"It was a pleasure being in the Legal-Ease seminar. The course was great."

Abog. Lizzeth Villatoro

Gerente Asesoría Legal
Banco Grupo El Ahorro Hondureño S.A.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A.

"Thank you very much for the great opportunity allowing me to attend the seminar. I had a great time and learned a lot. I really hope you come back to Honduras. We look forward to the next seminar."

Yolanda Batres

"It was a pleasure to take the Legal-Ease International seminar, and you are a great teacher! I will attend the next course! We have been waiting for a course like this in Tegucigalpa."

Edith Maria Lopez Rivera; Bufete Lopez Castro

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
"It was great attending the legal English course, it is helping so much! When is the next one?"

Nívida Hernandez

Attorney for the U.S. Embassy
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"Once again, thank you very much for your firm directory offer as well as for your unconditional e-mail help. You can not imagine how my Dahl's Law Dictionary has become handy."

Juan Pablo Esq.

Fianzas Monterrey
"Thanks, the dictionary is a very useful tool. I love using it, it has helped me a lot, really."

David Robles

Panama City, Panama
"Thank you for everything.The seminar was great and very useful. It did not feel heavy at all, since you made it so easy to digest. I have been practicing with the software and is amazing... I will save so much time I cannot believe it."

Allen Candanedo

GGA Law firm
Panama City, Panama

"I really enjoyed the seminar. Like I said, it was one of the best I have ever participated in. I really learned quite a bit of my new language 'Legal-ease'."

Alberto Orjuela

Oxy S.A
Bogota, Colombia

"It was a pleasure to meet you. I loved the way you explain everything and your sense of humor is the key that kept me so interested."

Delia M. Arosemena M.

Cedeno & Mendez
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá

"Thank you for all your effort and disposition to teach us the most and in such a personalized way. It was fabulous because we had an opportunity that will not be repeated...a very small group, cozy lessons and useful knowledge."

Aixa Patricia Sánchez

Price Waterhouse Coopers
Bogotá, Colombia

"It was also a pleasure for me to meet you, and I can assure you that even though I have been working in the legal field for many years, the seminar was very useful. I learned new things and had a chance to review others that I was uncertain about."

Maria Teresa Lara

Legal Translator
Bogota, Colombia

"The class was excellent! I have learned so many things, you are a patient and interesting teacher."

Neris Powel Esq.

Chen Y Associados
Panama City, Panama

"The pleasure of taking the Legal English was all mine. It was a very interesting course. I confirm that the diploma is already framed and hanged in my office."

Fernando Alfaro Esq.

Morgan & Morgan Asociados
Panama City, Panama

"It was a pleasure to meet you, I believe that now I have a lot of new tools at work. This seminar was excellent! You are a really nice person and the way that you explain was so clear and I enjoyed your sense of humor. This course encourages me to learn more 'Legal English'. Every day I have to practice all new knowledge that you taught me at the course. I would like to say that I admire American lawyers, is really interesting the way that you work."

Natalia Hanssen Perez

Abogada Departamento de Contratos
División Jurídica

"Dear Legal-Ease International Inc. Thank you for everything. The seminar was great and very useful. It did not feel heavy at all, since you made it so easy to digest. I have been practicing with the software and is amazing...I will save so much time I can not believe it. Thank you again and I look forward to the next class in Panama City."

Allen Candanedo O

GGA Law Firm
Panama City, Panamá

"The seminar was truly a pleasure. I have been in some where I really didn't feel like I got my money's worth, but you have certainly gone out of your way to see that it was a good experience for the students. Thanks for that!"

Andrew Martin

Precision Translations
Bogotá, Colombia

"I would like to take this moment to thank you once again for the wonderful course you gave us. I really enjoyed it a lot, and I know for sure that I will remember all the excellent things you taught us. Thank you for your good attitude, your patience and your energy. You are definitely one of those teachers that I will always remember not only for your professionalism but also for your charisma and commitment with your students. Thank you for everything!"

Silvia Meluk

Bogotá, Colombia

"Debo señalar además que el metodo empleado para instruir en la materia es bastante ágil, dinámico y práctico, habiendo dejado en sus participantes una gran satisfacción, como lo pude comprobar al término del mismo.- Por cierto no puedo dejar de mencionar que Dena Falken tiene una enorme capacidad de comunicar su experiencia y de integrar el grupo, lo que es muy importante en estos seminarios. Adicionalmente tuve el gusto de conocer y compartir con otros colegas, con quienes no había tenido el agrado de hacerlo."

Lic. Carlos Pizaro-Quinteros

Santiago, Chile
"I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased and well impressed by the Legal English course that was offered in Panama City, Panama. Mrs. Falken is a great professor and I wanted to thank you for letting us have the opportunity to learn at such an excellent standard. I enjoyed, as well as the other participants, all the classes. My congratulations to your program."

Gabriela Ruiz de Arosemna Attorney

AFRA Law Firm
Panama City, Panama

"Quería expresarte que las clases de Legal English realizadas por Dena Falken fueron excelentes. Ella es una profesora muy dedicada, que se nota que es experta en el tema y que esta muy interesada en que sus alumnos aprendan, con gran disposición para atender nuestras consultas y requerimientos. Personalmente a mi me sirvió mucho ya que aprendí varios conceptos y términos que no aparecen en los diccionarios de inglés legal, y que son de difícil comprensión. Estimo que esta fue una muy buena iniciativa del Colegio de Abogados, y pienso que debería repetirse en nuestro país, ya que hay muchos profesionales que estoy seguros estarán muy interesados en este tema.- Al menos, yo se que habrá una colega interesada en asistir a estas clases. Te saluda atentamente."

Patricia Monjes Mc Hugh

Abogada Superintendencia de Seguridad Social
"It was refreshing to attend a class with such a dynamic and courteous teacher. I wish I had learned my English with teachers like you."

José Francisco Silva

Coca-Cola S.A.
Santiago, Chile

"It is my experience that American legal matters are not addressed by institutions and continuing education programs in Chile... After taking the Legal-Ease seminar, I now feel that I have a broader command of American Legal Vocabulary. I recommend your course to all my fellow colleagues."

Francisco J. Fontaine, Esq.

Santiago, Chile
"The seminar is invaluable to lawyers who in one way or another use Anglo-Saxon terminology in their professional lives. If one needs to write documents for national clients, or international clients,or for lawyers in those countries. The clarity and knowledge of the teacher, the quality of the provided materials, guaranty, a complete knowledge, which we need in our professional activity. I hope that there will be many more seminars here in Chile."

Sonia de Carvalho, Esq.

Porto, Portugal
"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to attend a seminar on legal English. The things you have taught me and the teaching materials you gave us in the legal seminar have really been very useful for my work as a lawyer and for my masters. I have definitely improved my Legal English and I think that ever since my English has become more accurate."

Avv. Giovanni Lecce

"The written exercises and corrections by the instructor were the most useful part of the course, especially the knowledge obtained on how to write letters and legal documents."

Avv. Massimo Burghignoli

"The course is very well organized. The course offers in a very clear way a general view of the American legal system and it has given me confidence knowing that I am using the correct terminology in English."

Lic. Marcos Berkman Margolis

Berkman y Asociados
S.C. Mexico

"In my opinion, this course would be of great interest to anybody that operates in the realm of international law, not only to learn a different system, but also to learn the exact terminology in Legal English. I am certain that everybody that took the course was very satisfied with the instructor's work. It enriched our knowledge in an unequivocal manner. Taking this course was a great decision!"

Lic. Armando Gomez

Mexico City, Mexico
"It was also a pleasure for me to meet you. The Seminar is indeed very good and your great teaching skills and experience combined with your fabulous sense of humour made of this Seminar an exceptional experience for all the group."

Lic. Stephanie Lejonc

Goodrich, Riquelme y Asoc.

"To work effectively in an international law firm with many North American clients, it is essential to have accurate communication in Legal English with those clients. This class has taught me that Legal English is a specific language totally different from normal English. Thanks to this course, I have been able to greatly improve my legal communications."

Lic. Reynaldo Manzanarez R.

Santamarina y Steta

"The dynamics of the course closely matched my personal interests. The exercises were practical and I obtained many answers to questions that I had in Legal English."

Avv. Gaetano Sardo

Studio Legale Sardo

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course and I am grateful that I was able to take it."

Eugenio Mauricio Gutierrez. Esq

Santiago, Chile
"Everyone was impressed with your performance, and the course lived up to all the positive recommendations. We are very grateful for all the help you have given us."

Lilla, Huck, Malheiros, Otranto, Ribeiro, Camargo E Messina

Maria Costa Neves
Sao Paolo, Brazil

"É indispensável, no atual estágio de globalização, que o profissional do direito tenha domínio do inglês jurídico. E é isso que o curso de inglês jurídico da Legal-Ease International proporciona, utilizando materiais excepcionais e recursos de Internet que facilitam o aprendizado."

R. Ananías Loaiza, Esq.

San Jose, Costa Rica
"The English Seminar was fantastic and so demanding. I am using what we learned every day. I also enjoyed meeting you at the seminar."

Lic. Carlos Ayon

Fournier Law Firm
San Jose, Costa Rica

"I really enjoyed the seminar, not only learned a lot but I also had a great time."

Ricardo Vargas

Oller & Asociados
San Jose, Costa Rica

"Thanks for last week seminar in Costa Rica, for sure it will be very useful."

Lic. Ignacio Beirute

Quirós & Asociados
"We are very satisfied with the Legal English Course. It was also a pleasure to meet you. I had a lot of fun also!"

Mauricio Quiros G.

Bufete Quiros & Asociados
"Thank you very much! Having this unique experience with you was really useful."

Lic. Arnoldo Andreacute

San Jose, Costa Rica

"Thanks to you for the support to our Spanish speaking legal community. Your work is being really appreciated and is a real support to central American attorneys that did not have the opportunity -or vision- to learn and practice English during school or university 'days' !"

Avv. Ann Chieruzzi, Avvocatessa

Milano, Italia
"Conosco la Collega Dena Falken de cui apprezzo la grande professionalita. Ho frquentato il suo corse estivo di Legal English in Ornado e posso consigliarlo come un buon investimento per la professione."

Avv. Laura Soldano

Studio Legal Soldano
Milano, Italia

"Il corse prevede esercitazioni scritti con correzione degli elaborati a fornishe materiale didattico non reperiblie in Italia e fondamentale per una correetta stesura de atti e corispondenza in lingua inglese, in quanto la terminologia tecnica e diversa dall'inglese parlato."

Avv. Luca Pagani

Chiasso, Switzerland
"Oltre ad essere ben organizzato, il corse hi infatti fornito con la necessaria chiarezza una visione gerneral del sistema giuridico statunitense ed ha permesso di impadronirsi dell'esatta terminologia."

Andrea Lampiasi

Milano, Monza Italia
"Ho participato personalmente a tale corso e, pur avendo una conoscennza elemntare della lingua inglese sono stato in grado di seguirlo con profitto,grazie alla chiarezza e semplicita di esposizione dell Avv' Falken. Oltre alla visione del sistema giuridico statunitense e anglozassone in generale, il corso mi ha fornito un prezioso aiuto per la conoscenza della terminologia giuridico che va impegiegata nella stresura di qualsiasi documento di carattere legale, dalla lettera al contratto e che come forse non tutti sanno, si differenzia notevolmente dalla terminologia impiegata in campo commerciale. Esprime pertanto all'Avv. Falken il piu sentito ringraziamento per l'iniziativa a cui ho partecipato e formulo i migliori auguri per le future edizioni del corso Legal-Ease International, Inc."

Avv. Massimo Burghignoli

"Ho molto apprezzato il corso oganizzato da Legal-Ease International, Inc. in Milano. Avevo gia seguito un corso di inglese giurido. Avevo gia seguito un corso di inglese giuridico ed in Inghilterra, ma con insegnanti di maddreligua che avevano una conscenza soltanto generica della terminogogia giuridica, non esercitando alcuna professione in attinenza con il mondo forense o degli affari. Nel Vostro corso ho invice apprezzato che gli insegnanti fossero anche avvocati e quindi in grado di comunicare il significato non solo della terminologia ma sopratutto degli istituti giridici ad essa sottesi. Referrei utile, in proposito, poter partecipare anche ad un corso di 'common law' che potrebbe rappresentare un secondo livello di apprendimento. Grazie."

Avv. Pietro Bembo

"Concluso ormai da tempo il Corso practico di Diritto American in Lingua ho avuto modo di sperimentare l'utilita con soddisfazione che ora vorrei convidere con Voi."

Avv. Morvillo

Studio Legale Morvillo e Associati
"Allo scopo di migliorare la mia conoscetta dell'inglese giuridico ho seguito el corso che e stato tenuto in una sala del palazzo di giustizia del Tribunale di Milano, posto a diaposizione dall'Ordine professionale. L' insegnamento e resultato molto accurato e tale da consentire anche a chi avenva minore dimestichezza con la lingua, il migliore profitto."

Avv. Massimo Ricciardi

Milano, Italia
"Ho frequentato nel corso di inglese legale. Il corso e stato tenuto con estrema professionalita e accuratezza. La disponibilita, la cortesia, la scrupolosita manifestata dall. Avv. Falken sono senza bubbio, indice di una estrema serieta dell organizzazion del corso e del suo svolgimento."

Avv. Mario Beretta

Studio Legal Beretta
"It is my pleasure to express to you my best compliments with reference to the American Legal English language course you have organized this year. It is a real opportunity and a real unique chance to learn from a native English speaker like you, also an American lawyer. Both attorneys and corporate lawyers have learned a lot with regard to substantive American law... We look forward to the advanced course."

Avv. Albicini'dic

Studio Legale Albicini
Bologna, Italia

"I want to express to you my congratulations for your effective presentation of 'Legal-Ease' in Bologna. It is really seldom to find a foreign lawyer so able to teach Legal English to Italian colleagues in a clear way with excellent knowledge of a very difficult language like Italian."

Lic. Jesus Navarro Sanchez

TMM, Mexico
"En pocas palabras, este curso es recomendable para todo aquel Abogado que tenga o negocios con Abogados o empresas Norteamericanas."

YaZeed Knaan, Esq

"I want to thank the Legal-Ease International program for coming to the University of Arizona to the LLM program and giving us a great and beneficial Legal English class. It really helped with our other classes!. They are very helpful and the instructer who teaches the class made the class very exciting. I encourage all the foreign attorneys to take this class."

Lic. Alejandra Palau

Experian, Bogota, Colombia
"It was a really nice seminar and everybody enjoyed it here. Thank you!"

Xinrong You

Lawyer, Shanghai, China
"I really enjoyed your class. To be honest, our LLM group liked your class better than summer lecture provided by the law school. I hope I have the opportunity to take it again."

Eugenia Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena

Legal Translator, Mexico
"Hi Dena, I loved your class! Please let me know the next time you give a seminar in MX so I can tell our colleagues. It would be my pleasure to recommend your Legal English Seminar!"

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