Proofing and Editing Service

Legal-Ease International now provides a editing service for the foreign attorney that will ensure that their work is in perfect Legal English form. Before sending your documents to your clients, send it to Legal-Ease International and be confident that it is correct. Our experienced staff of U.S. attorney will proof your draft and correct any Legal English inaccuracies.

Why send your legal work to Legal-Ease International website?

Many foreign attorneys and students have questions concerning their legal work. Not, for the actual substance they wish to create, but the form. For lawyers, whose first language is not English, Legal-Ease International provides a great service. For the first time, your can send us your work to be corrected by U.S. attorneys with years of experience.

Now finally, any contract or letter, big or small, will be perfected for you and returned in 48 hours.

This service is provided by U.S. attorneys, not translators. You can feel totally comfortable that your work is being handled by experts with a knowledge of the law and the language. This provides you with the perfect solution!

Have a big project coming up?

Not sure if it conveys exactly what you wish it to?

Need a resume reviewed?

Do you have law school applications and letters to write?

This will be done for you perfectly within 48 hours.

Lets get started! Send your document to

The Legal-Ease International proofing and editing service provides:

  • Savings in time and money

  • U.S. attorneys experts in Legal English

  • Privacy and Security

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 48 hour turnaround

Save time and money

Your legal documents, letter, resumes, applications, must be perfect.

Legal-Ease International offers a service that will assure the accuracy of your work for a fraction of the price of a firm. Whether you have a small question on which word to use, or a lengthy project, Legal-Ease International will proof and edit your work accordingly, no matter what the size. Many firms will not take work if it is too small or will round off your work to the hour. Legal-Ease proofing and editing services are per page, saving a considerable amount of money. All projects are $10.00 US dollars per page.

World Leader in Legal English

Legal-Ease is the World Leader in Legal English. It has taught Legal English to thousands of lawyers around the world. You can trust the experience of our U.S. attorneys.

Private and Secure

All information you provide is held in complete privacy. No matters will ever go to a third party. We never sell names or emails. Our servers and connections have the latest encryption and security devices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will give you the best service for your work! If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will correct the situation.

Disclaimer is not acting as your attorney. All clients are representing themselves in any legal matter you undertake. is not giving legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is being created.

All clients understand that laws change according to jurisdiction and is subject to interpretation by different courts. If you need legal advice for your specific problem, you should consult a licensed attorney in your area.

Legal Ease International Inc. and are NOT responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to your use of this site or any site linked to this site, from any errors or omissions in your documents. All use of this site is at clients own risk.

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