International Attorney Prepares Central American
Legal Community for Canal and Commerce Expansion

Legal-Ease International President and Founder, Dena Falken Esq. announced plans today for a Legal-English Seminar to be held in Equador - Jan. 2007. This once in a lifetime opportunity will enable legal professionals, attorneys, interpreters, and educators to gain a working knowledge of Legal-English terms and procedures.

This seminar is a must for anyone wishing to gain an edge over their competition in the ever expanding global economy. Online Legal-English courses and educational materials are also available at

"With the proposed plans for the Panama Canal expansion already underway, and a second canal zone being considered in Nicaragua, Central and South America are poised for a major economic expansion," Falken said. Recent treaties between the United States and Central and South American countries have created an overwhelming demand for professionals trained in Legal-English. Ms. Falken has developed a comprehensive training program along with software and customer support to ensure that each graduate of the Legal-English program leaves with a new understanding and opportunites to expand their business. Recent graduates from the Legal-English program have indicated an increase in their business traffic, more timely responses, better accuracy of legal documents, as well as an improved customer satisfaction.

"In the ever growing global economy, our clients are finding that improved Legal-English language skills, are vital and necessary to compete in the ever changing business community."

"One misused word from Spanish to English can change the entire meaning of a multinational contract," Falken said. Legal-Ease International Inc. is making available for the first time the entire collection of English and Spanish Legal Form Software(s) for one low price, a savings of almost $200 usd.

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