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Title Author Amount Available Edition Publisher ISBN
Legal-Ease International Course Materials   $225.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover - 170 pages (May 1999)    
English for the Hospitality Industry by Legal-Ease International Inc. $425.00 4-6 weeks Package includes, book tapes and video. (2006) Legal-Ease International Inc. Description

Title Author Amount Available Edition Publisher ISBN
Spanish Law Dictionary/Diccionario De Terminos Juridicos by Henry Saint Dahl $125.00 4-6 weeks Paperback 3rd edition (January 1999) William S Hein & Co. 1575884526
Legal Dictionary Spanish-English-English-Spanish by E Alcaraz Varo $130.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover Reprint edition (January 1997) I.B.D. Ltd 8434405091
Spanish English Legal Dictionary (Revised ed) by Guillermo Cabanellas $210.00 4-6 weeks Paperback Revised edition (November 1998) Lexis Law Pub 0327122153
Vocabulario Legal Y Empresario English Spanish   $82.00 4-6 weeks Paperback (February 1992) Western Continental Book 9501403742
English-French Glossary of Legal Terminology, Terms Commonly Used in Public and Private Law by L. Pollak $66.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover (February 1996) Carswell Legal Pubns 0459233475
English-French Glossary of Legal Terminology, Terms Commonly Used in Public and Private Law by L. Pollak $56.00 4-6 weeks Paperback (February 1996) Carswell Legal Pubns 0459233459
English-French dictionary (mainly legal terms)   $108.00 4-6 weeks Mass Market Paperback - 464 pages 1 edition (December 12, 1993) Council of Europe Publishing 9287123136
Glossary of Commercial and Business Legal Terms in English, Chinese and Japanese by Amy Chang $298.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover limited edition (1996) Musheng International Publishing 0964508109
Legal Dictionary in Four Languages English, French, Spanish, German by E. Ledocte $320.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover (June 1987) I.B.D. Ltd 3789013331
Legal Terms Frequently in American Court; English-Chinese, English Cantonese-Chinese by Joseph Lowe $195.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover (December 1990) Joseph D. Lowe Publishing 0960550968
Modern Dictionary of International Legal Terms : English French German by E. Lindbergh $150.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover (March 1993) Little Brown & Co Law & Business 0316526339
Portuguese-English - English-Portuguese Legal Dictionary by Goyos; Durval De Noronha $229.00 4-6 weeks Hardcover Portuguese Edition Schoenhofs Foreign Books 8585548045
Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary of Business & Legal Terms by Shane Debeer $58.00 4-6 weeks Paperback Reprint edition (December 1996) Hippocrene Books 0781805058
Tuttle Dictionary of Legal Terms : English-Japanese, Japanese-English by Richard S. Keirstead $32.00 4-6 weeks Paperback New edition (August 1995) Charles E. Tuttle Co. 0804820392
American and British Expressions and Slang   $15.00 4-6 weeks Paperback New edition (February 2004) Legal-Ease International, Inc.  
Common Law Legal English and Grammar
( A contextual approach )
Allison Riley and Patricia Sours. Hart Publishing Description